Lo que nos debemos unos a otros. Un nuevo contrato social de SHAFIK, MINOUCHE

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Minouche Shafik, one of the most influential economists in the world and current director of the London School of Economics, laid the foundations of a new social contract suitable for the 21st century. The social contract shapes everything: our political institutions, our legal systems, and our material conditions, but also the organization of family and community, our well-being, our relationships, and our views on life. However, today, that social contract has suffered severe and widespread deterioration. The rapid changes in technology, demography, and climate will reshape our world in ways that many of us have yet to imagine. In this groundbreaking study, Minouche Shafik, director of the London School of Economics, draws on data and evidence gathered from around the world, identifying key principles that all societies need to address the challenges of the next century, with deep implications for gender equality, education, healthcare, the role of the private sector, and the future of work. How should risks and resources be shared in society, and how should individual and collective responsibility be balanced? A book of brilliant clarity and easy reading, We Owe Each Other offers new answers to these long-standing questions and prepares the reader to understand and play their part in the urgent and necessary change that awaits us.

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Título: Lo que nos debemos unos a otros. Un nuevo contrato social
Editorial: PAIDOS
Fecha: 2023
ISBN: 9786075693934
Páginas totales: 320
Temática: Superación personal y autoayuda
Fichero: kindle, mobi, epub, pdf
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Estas por descargar Lo que nos debemos unos a otros. Un nuevo contrato social en pdf de SHAFIK, MINOUCHE. Llega a nosotros gracias a la editorial PAIDOS , fue publicado en la fecha: 2023 y tiene 320 paginas. Su ISBN es: 9786075693934.


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